Descriptions of 4 more dances from In Flagrante

Descriptions of 4 more dances from In Flagrante


Music Title: ‘Its My Party and I’ll Cry if I want to’ (first performed as Group Bondage at St James Cabaret 2011…)

Music Artist: Lesley Gore

In Flagrante show dance title: It’s my party


This dance satirises the eternally confused, needy and classically insecure bimbo – the object of pop culture female stereotyping. It has a cast of two or four captive blondes searching for approval and love.

Lighting: Bright white stage. Costume: Bobbed blond wigs, hot pink neoprene miniskirts, white tape pasties. Props: Hot pink neoprene handcuffs

Dancers: Amanda Macfarlane, Maria Munkowits, Shanelle Lenehan



In Flagrante show dance title: HORSES (first performed St James cabaret 2011


Music Title: Horses Burlesque


Music Artist: Andrew Keoghan




‘Horses’ engages with a clear-eyed kick in the funny bone and a garrulous oddball innocence all of its own.  A short work with four female dancers whose impudent charm and ironic ingenuous humour, satirise female servitude as sexual avatars and objects of fetish and dangerous desire.

Lighting: Amber warm gold wash. Costume: Black leather bridles, pony ears, mouth bits and girth straps, long black bobbing pony tails at the back

Photo credit: Phil O’Reilly

Dancers: Amanda Macfarlane. Liv Tennet, Sofia McIntyre, Shanelle Lenehan, Julie Van Renen


In Flagrante show dance title: DAY

Music title: Our Day Will Come

 Music Artist: Klaus Waldeck


Playing on the ironic possibilities of Our Day will Come– this work taps into the smoky layers of  Waldeck’s render of this classic track. A darkly theatrical, rawly sexual detour into a toxic utopia…where a day of reckoning is manifest. Comedic, stylish and deeply satirical.

Lighting: cold blue light

Costume: Neoprene thigh high boots, industrial face masks

Photo credit: Bruce Jarvis…and  ……

Dancers: from left Amanda Macfarlane, Maria Munkowits, Shanelle Lenehan, Megan Hughes.

from left: Shanelle lenehan, Liv Tennet, Sofia McIntyre, Maria Munkowits, Julie Van Renen (7 months pregnant)


In Flagrante show dance title: WHIP SOLO

Music Title: MEMORIES

Music Artist: Klaus Waldeck


This work, set to the brassy strutting beat of Memoriesdraws its inspiration from a 1950’s treatise on wifely etiquette and the deference she should pay her husband. As a comedic counterpoint the dancer prowls, pouts and piss-takes – a sexualised vamp mocking the condescension and patriarchy of the spoken words.

Lighting: Hot red lighting

Costume: Neoprene thigh high leggings, black bodice, glittering lacey long waistcoat, leather and chain throat choker, high heels and gloves.

Props: an equestrian horse crop.

Photo credit: Kaveh

Dancer: Lara Liew








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