More dances yet

More dances yet


In Flagrante show dance title: SUMMERTIME (first performed Wellington St James Cabaret 2011)

Music Title: Midsummer Night Blues

Music Artist: Klaus Waldeck


The perfect outro for In Flagrante, where the full cast showcase their signature moves from the show. Tennessee Williams meets gym bunnies. A saga of sweat, sex and satisfaction.

Lighting: Amber warm gold wash

Costume: black lace bras and knickers

Props: white towels

Group hug from Summertime

Dancers: Maria Munkowits, Amanda Macfarlane, Liv Tennet, Sofia McIntyre, Shanelle Lenehan


Music Title: Like Water (first performed Wellington 2011)

Music Artist: Ladi 6

In Flagrante show dance title: ‘Dance company bow’


Set to the smoky sexy voice and driving beat of this work of classic NZ urban hiphop ‘Like Water’ perfectly captures the impetuous provocative spirit of the show for its final bow and wave goodbye. With the full cast of dancers doing their individual character cameos to its driving upbeat rhythm leaving the audience energised and elevated.

Lighting: Warm ambient. Costume: Black bras and Gs

Photo credit: Bruce Jarvis

Dancers: Maria Munkowits, Molly McDowell, Shanelle Lenehan, Megan Hughes (Walters) Amanda Macfarlane


Still to be described…

Black and Blue,



Marching Girls


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