Music update for Melbourne ’18

Music update for Melbourne ’18

Music tracks for In Flagrante – Melbourne Programme

(* from Waldeck’s ‘Ballroom Stories’ album)

  • Our Day will Come – ‘Our Day will Come’ *
  • Valhalla – ‘Snake Eyes’  by Trouble and Cold Wind Blowin by David Lynch
  • Horses–  ‘Get Up’ *
  • The Ex Great Redondo– ‘Artichaut’ by Chinese Man
  • Group Bondage–  ‘Bei mir bist du Schon’ *
  • Blindfold–  ‘Dope Noir’ *
  • Memory – ‘The Beginning of Memory’ by Laurie Anderson
  • Traffic– ‘Jerry Weintraub’ *
  • Marching Girls– 3 tracks, traditional marching band music plus ‘Tutira Mai Nga Iwi’ by The Yoots (NZ).
  • Pikelet– text from Edmonds Cook Book recipe (NZ)
  • Venus–  ‘Water’s Edge’ by Nick Cave
  • Green Girl– ‘Devil at my Door’ by Emilie Simon
  • Nurses– ‘Why did you Fire that Gun’ *
  • Cancan Punk–  ‘Galop Infernal’by Offenbach.
  • Summertime– ‘Midsummer Night Blues’ *

* from Waldeck’s Ballroom Stories album

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