Melbourne at The Butterfly Club

Melbourne at The Butterfly Club

In Flagrante is coming and we’re not faking it…

We are in Melbourne at The Butterfly Club and super pleased to be here – opened last night with the dancers nailing it and the audience very warm and responsive!

The cast we have brought to Melbourne are Sofia McIntyre, Maria Munkowits, Amanda Macfarlane and

Olivia (Liv) Tennet

The programme is as follows…

Entrance and Our Day Will Come  – all

Whip solo – Maria

Horses – Liv and Sofia

Green Girl – Amanda and Sofia

Group Bondage – Liv, Maria, Amanda

Blindfold – Maria and Amanda holding reins

Traffic – Sofia

Redondo – Amanda

Venus – Sofia

Make My Day – Liv

Marching Girls – Maria and Sofia

Pikelet – Liv

Nurses – Amanda, Maria, Sofia

Cancan – Liv, Maria, Amanda

Summertime finale – all

BClub cancan kicks x4 Whip solo In Flagrante In Flagrante


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