A real hit at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and ‘spotted’ there for an exclusive one-off private performance in the Seychelles, Auckland New Zealand based In Flagrante (Latin: “in blazing” and once grounds for divorce) sets fire to your seat and offends your sensibilities – in the best manner possible.

A band of protean, antipodean women bridled, saddled, and ready to pounce – they quickly set the stage for an evening of skin and sass. This isn’t your grandpa’s burlesque. In Flagrante’s hyper athletic cast turns the tradition on its head with a frontal assault on female sexual stereotypes.


In a series of highly sexualised and deeply satiric comedic pop art vignettes the cast act out prevailing fantasies and fetishes embedded in the popular imagination. And heads really turn when they flaunt their leather bridles, marching gear and traffic girl uniforms.


The result is an exhilarating and provocative show of female empowerment and high impact dance theatre.

In Flagrante is the audacious creation of legendary local choreographer MaryJane O’Reilly. Touting an extensive career, O’Reilly choreographs and edits dance on screen, stages large site­specific public performance events, curates dance festivals and teaches her unique brand of cabaret.


In Flagrante embraces this eclecticism in fascinating and at times wickedly funny ways. With a rich, borderless movement vocabulary to draw from and the cryptic satiric eye of the contemporary dance choreographer, O’Reilly weaves tango influences with touches of vaudeville, slapstick with cabaret, jazz dance with stand­up comedy.


The Dominion Post’s Greer Robson puts it perfectly;


“If you’re a contemporary dance fan, you’ll adore the captivating choreography and precise physical and cerebral execution. Be prepared to be surprised ­ if not a little shocked. If you’re not a dance fan, you’ll love the gorgeous sculpted dancers, the humour, music and daring minimal costumes, in all its slick, naked darkness and glory.”

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Maria Munkowits, Molly McDowall, Sofia McIntyre, Georgie Goater, Julie VanRenen


In Flagrante – performance order:

Our Day will Come – opening number, full cast.
Memories –  Whip solo  danced by Maria
Horses  – danced by Sofia, Georgie, Molly, Julie
Tekken Fighters – Sofia, Georgie
Group Bondage  – danced by Molly, Maria, Julie
Blindfold  – danced by Maria, with Georgie
Traffic Girl  – danced by Sofia
The (ex) Great Redondo – danced by Molly
Interval – 20 minutes
Addicted  – danced by Molly
Black and Blue  – danced by Georgie with Maria
Make my Day  – danced by Julie
Marching Girls – Georgie, Maria, Molly, Sofia
Nurses  – danced by Maria, Sofia and Molly
Pikelet  – performed by Molly
Cancan – danced by Julie, Georgie, Maria, Molly
Summertime  – danced by full cast

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