Burlesque, Pregnant and Proud

Burlesque, Pregnant and Proud

Media Release for September 2016   – The Venus Season

After 5 years on the road and tens of thousands of audience from Auckland to Edinburgh, Melbourne to The Seychelles… In Flagrante – MaryJane O’Reilly’s neo burlesque masterwork – just keeps on getting better.

Like a great band the show has established a base of passionate patrons who come time and again and newcomers to the show experience provocation and sexual politics on the edge of outrage… and the outrageously funny.

MaryJane has achieved this by continually taking risks, weaving in new content and juxtaposing satiric ideas with her theme of female empowerment beyond any contrite or predictable views on the subject, adding in new music and fiendishly clever choreography around the central soundscape of Klaus Waldeck’s smoky covers album ‘Ballroom Stories’.

This September’s three night ‘Venus Season’ at Q Loft, which ironically and coincidentally resonates with her daughter Morgana O’Reilly performing Auckland Theatre Company’s Venus in Fur at the Herald Theatre, debuts her homage to the iconic female image – Botticelli’s Venus – set to Nick Cave’s dark and driven track ‘Water’s Edge’.

As the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility MaryJane pays homage to Venus and the female body, keeping the deliciously mid-term pregnant In Flagrante dancer Julie van Renen in the show, performing the opening number Our Day Will Come, her Make My Day solo and maybe a bit more besides…

And true to its cabaret roots In Flagrante is performed in Loft with table seating for the groups of friends who love to dress up and share a show over wine and yummy finger food should they want to book these with their seat.

In Flagrante still takes your breath away with its polish, sass and audacity.

The cast: Maria Munkowits, Sofia McIntyre, Julie Van Renen, Shanelle Lenehan (back from babydom) Amanda Macfarlane (back from UK) Liv Tennet (new to In Flag!!!)

Q Loft

Thursday September 8, through Friday 9th and Saturday 10th, 8.30pm

Contact MJ O’Reilly for further info

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