Programme update for Melbourne

Programme update for Melbourne

In Flagrante’s programme descriptions…Melbourne programme order

  • From the toxic utopia of ‘Our Day will Come’ ….
  • to….Valhalla –asteampunk super heroine, where a bittersweet triumph is stripped to the bone
  • Horses– satirising the sexuality of being in the saddle and bondage.
  • The ex Great Redondo – A magician’s assistant turns the tables on the great man himself.
  • Group Bondage– a gratuitous parody of bondage – satirising the bimbo blonde, the coquettish woman.
  • Blindfold– inspired by Spirit of Ecstasy on the bonnet of the Rolls Royce.
  • Memory – captured inside a moment of time…a caged bird looking for a safe place land…where it all begins.
  • North Korean Trafficgirl with an attitude problem explores women in uniform, as signallers and authority figures who subvert and override the male construct.
  • Marching Girls– White Knights, marching girls redux – a 21st century take on a great kiwi icon.
  • Pikelet– a wholesome recipe from the Edmonds cookbook for a satisfying life, from the deeply sexist annals of Aunt Daisy and her home cooking wisdom.
  • Venus – a new take on the hallowed image of Botticelli’s virginal Venus. From the half shell to the shell shocked.
  • Green Girl– Based on the martial arts video game: Combat girl Tekken duking it out Xiaoyu fighting style, meets…Suzie Wong fighting for street corner superiority in Old Hong Kong.
  • Nurses–  an excursion into deep fetish, from colonics to inoculations. A tribute to nurses as sex objects, Bond Girls and custodians of bodily functions.
  • Punk Cancanwhere it started out; raucus, raw and raunchy.
  • Summertime– Tennessee Williams meets gym bunnies. A saga of sweat, sex and satisfaction.

Group hug from Summertime

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